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Accessories & Patient Monitor



High precision anesthetic vaporizer

Stable output concentration to meet the international standards ISO8835-4

Compensation: Temperature, flowrate, pressure

Fast& smoothdynamic response


Technical Specification:

Flowrate range: 0.2-15L/min



Dosage: 300ml

Core absorption dosage 50ml


Connector type:

Selectatec compatible, Draegerplug-in, Cagemount


Dosing methods:

Pour-fil, Easy-fil, Quik-fil (Sevoflurane)


Working environment

Working temperature:    +15~ +35

Relative humidity:         93

Atmospheric pressure range:   70kPa~106kPa

Storage temperature:     -40~+65


Anesthetic concentration:

0~5.0%: Isoflurane, Enflurane, Halothane

0~8.0%: Sevoflurane